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Who am I?


As a developer, I’ve had my fair share of caffeinated nights staring at red squiggly lines underneath my code. I’ve decided to give my eyes a break from those squiggly lines and focus more on the finer, defined lines as a UI/UX designer.


Being able to participate in the end-to-end process of creating user experiences has always excited me. I am looking forward to embarking on this journey and applying my technical know-how with my business sense to create wonderful user experiences!

Outside of work, I'm a husband and father of two  always-up-to-no-good kittens. When I'm not cleaning up their messes, adventure becomes my middle name. Whether it's traveling the vast world of Eorzea, catching 'em all in Sinnoh, or scoring flight deals for airline miles, I always like to be on the move! 


UX Design Certification- Feb 2022

General Assembly

MS in Computer Science - Dec. 2021

Northeastern University

BA in Human Resource Mgmt- May 2018Rutgers University

Work Experience

Amazon Web Services

  • System Development Engineer (08/21 - Present)

  • Professional Services Intern (06/21 - 08/21)

Northeastern University

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (01/20 - 06/21)

Precision Systems Design

  • Technical Recruiter (01/18 - 08/19)

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